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Q and A

(Can we buy the domain outright?)

Yes. The transaction can be completed in little as 3 days and you will have 100% ownership

(What do your domains cost?)  

It depends on Length, category and how easy it is to spell and remember. Here are some examples of names that are for sale or have been sold in this range in past 12-36 months. 15k-25k 10k-15k 200-300k

SecurityToken 249k to 299k 15k to 25k $30,000,000 USD 2019-05-30 SOLD Godaddy $11,000,000  Sold to Teslamotors or Elon Musk


(Why is owning the best domain important?)

Bottom line it reduces the customers acquisition cost over the lifetime of the company. 

Buy a domain that is simple to remember and spell. Your marketing dollars will go much further if you invest in a domain that describes what your business does as opposed to a made up domain. It is a digital asset that will be the lifeline of your company. Make it count. 

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