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Common questions 

(Can we buy the domain outright?)

Yes. The transaction can be completed in little as 3 days and you will have 100% ownership

(What do your domains cost?)

Prices Range from $5,000 to $750,000. Depends on Quality, length and category. 

(Why is owning the best domain important?)

Owning an easy to remember and descriptive domain helps reduces the customers acquisition cost over the lifetime of the company. If they can't spell or remember your domain name they will end up elsewhere. 

(Why is owning your own domain important?)

Social platforms are great for earning income for your brand. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter have helped many companies and individuals earn millions. But what would happen if they kicked you off today? When you control your .com domain you control your data and future.  

How does the domain transaction work? is the leader in domain name transactions. They will hold our domain in escrow along with your funds. Once both parties have agreed to the terms at, they will then in turn release the domain to your company and then we receive the funds at the same time. 


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