Rent/Buy options


What is the Zero Cost Option?  

If you have an amazing idea we will trade for equity and or option to buy into your company at a later point.  It must be an amazing idea as most of our domains are 5 to 6 figures. 

Can we rent with option to buy option to buy?

Yes we can offer for 33% down and 5 years financing with 0% interest. 

Do you offer 0% down with financing?

Yes we can offer that. We prefer to have an option to buy into your company at no more than 5%. 

Do you charge a fee for handling a domain transaction.

No-We pay for all the fee's and transaction costs if you buy one of our names through 

Can we buy the domain name outright or do you take offers?

Yes, you can buy it today at the current price or make us an offer that would work within your budget. 

Can you help us with a domain acquisition and what is the cost?

We can do it but it is on a case to case basis. Normally we would charge 15% for consulting and transaction. Fee's normally are split between buyer and seller at 7.5% each.  Budget would need to be at min of $250,000. The hours it's take to find a great domain can sometimes takes 6 months or longer. 

Why do domains cost so much?

To put it simply, a great domain that is easy to remember reduces the customers acquisition cost over the lifetime of the company.  How can you put a price on that. 

How does the domain transaction work? is the leader in domain name transactions. They will hold the domain in escrow along with our domain. Once both parties have agreed to the terms at, they will then in turn release the domain to your company and then we receive the funds at the same time.